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Why Video Marketing is Essential for Startups

Video Marketing

It’s no lie that videos have always been popular, now more than ever. Video marketing has become a big part of digital marketing and brands and companies compete with video campaigns. 

Startups are usually low on capital and investment and need a source where they can get a good return on their investment. 

Here are seven reasons why video marketing is essential for startups. 

  1. Increase brand awareness 

Startups need to build brand awareness and brand identity. As a new brand and company, one of its first goals is to get recognized by people and increase visibility. This can be achieved through video marketing. Your brand can make videos such as explainer videos, testimonials, how-to’s, campaign and product launch videos, and behind-the-scenes videos. Video marketing is a good way to introduce the brand to your target audience. By incorporating unique and relevant content, you will leave a mark on viewers. People need to feel a personal connection with a brand to invest and this level of brand awareness is mostly achieved through videos. 

  1. Educative and informative 

Technology has developed exponentially in the past few years, and it’s no surprise that everyone knows how to surf the internet for anything. Every day people visit the internet to find answers to their everyday questions. By educating them on topics they are interested in and relevant to the industry, you will be building a sense of trust between your viewers and the brand. Make educative and informative videos with the help of a video maker to earn the trust of your viewers. By making explainer and how-to videos, you portray your brand as an expert and professional in the industry, one who has done their research. Due to this reason, viewers will be more likely to invest in a brand that is well-informed in the industry. You can post your videos on social media sites, although make sure that you do not make them promotional posts but rather informative posts. 

  1. High engagement 

People are always on some device, scrolling through social media or catching up on information on the web. Through video marketing, your viewers get a chance to engage and participate. They can share their opinions and ideas just with a click of a button! Viewers can like, share, subscribe and embed your videos. You can also track and check how your audience is responding to your videos and what more can be done to better the situation. Through video engagement, you also get to know and understand your audience, their needs and wants and bring changes in your brand to suit them. Make sure that you interact with your audience in the comment section, hold live sessions, and communicate with them to show that yours is a considerate brand and you care about your customers. Do not forget to add a CTA at the end of your videos to generate views into business leads. 

  1. Boost SEO 

Google and other algorithms love video content, mostly because the algorithms rank pages and websites on how much time a viewer spends on a webpage. By incorporating videos onto your webpage, you are increasing the viewer time and getting a position on Google’s search results page. 

You need to convince your viewers to stay on your site for a longer duration. Although when it comes to growing a startup, you need to make sure that you only post high-quality video content, since Google is now focusing on quality, consistency, and location. Always remember, it is quality over quantity. Also, post your video on your website’s landing page since it is 53% more likely to be ranked high on Google. 

  1. Cheap and effortless 

You do not need to invest money in expensive video-making equipment to make a video for your brand. A simple smartphone with a good camera and an online video maker with good video editing features are more than enough to make a professional brand video. You can skip worrying about the time and money for investing in telemarketers when you can do it all by yourself. Moreover, the market size of video conferencing is huge when compared to telemarketing and using salespersons. By incorporating video marketing, you won’t be interrupting your customers, the way a telemarketer does but rather your video will be watched by choice. The technology has advanced, resulting in high demand and low production costs ensuring good results. 

  1. Attract mobile users 

In this busy day-to-day life, most people consume their daily internet content on their mobile phones. Mobile has made everything easier and accessible in this small hand-sized device. It has become very convenient to watch videos on mobile phones. You can notice people with their earphones on, getting a glimpse of their selected video in metros, subways, or anywhere else. You will be targeting and attracting mobile users to your brand by creating videos. However, make sure that your videos and website are mobile-friendly. This is good news for startups focusing on increasing their audience and getting noticed by people. 

  1. Increase conversion rates 

Video marketing is engaging and builds confidence in a brand among viewers. People prefer visual content over written content since it is eye-catching. People are most likely to remember your video content if it is creative, which means that sooner or later they will hunt down your brand and buy your products. Videos give the buyers a trailer of what they can expect from your brand and its products and services and have a higher conversion rate than any form of digital marketing. 

The bottom line is, that the sooner you start considering the amazing benefits of video marketing for your start-up the faster results are you going to get. Interact and address your viewers to showcase your consideration. Make sure that you are consistent and patient with your video marketing campaign and you will be surprised at the growth your start-up could get at the end of the day. 

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