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Spekit Vs. Walkme

Spekit Vs. Walkme

Internet penetration is reaching new heights every day, and now people in the remotest corners of the world are using their smartphones. As a result, it has grown critical for businesses too to become digital to stay relevant. However, change is hard, and this is true for digital adoption by an enterprise too. To make this take easier, there are Digital Adoption Platforms or simply DAPs available, which can help one get one’s enterprise onboard. Spekit and Walkme are two such Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP). Spekit vs Walkme is an essential comparison in this regard for the following reason -it is essential to appreciate that these DAPs are very different from each other, just as any two DAPs would be. Thus it is desirable that one should know the various intricacies of a DAP and how it stands out against its competition before one can make an informed decision on which DAP to go for.

Spekit and Walkme are two of the most popular Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs). This article is now going to compare these two DAPs in detail.

  • Purpose

Spekit was designed to deal with low Salesforce adoption by providing better opportunities to train and thus onboard new sales employees. The idea was to provide desired support document to enable deal-making. Walkmen’sWalkmen’s primary purpose is to enable sales leaders by providing them with the various digital tools that help them provide in-app guidance. The idea is to better support the use of sales software and to improve information sharing. The flow of knowledge across key sales strategies that are working and various how-to documents and tutorials is smoothened too.

  • Primary Focus

Spekit is primarily focused on salesforce only, while Walkme is focused on the entire enterprise. This is an important advantage that Walkme has over Spekit simply because an organization has employees in several developments who may not find much help from Spekit.

  • Setup

Spekit has a good, passable setup, while Walkme has one of the most difficult setups of all the Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPS). This is an excellent putdown for Walkme compared to Spekit and other alternatives.

  • Learning curve

Another disadvantage of using Walkme is its steep learning curve – it needs much training and getting used to, unlike some other DAPs like Spekit.

  • Customizability

One of the biggest drawbacks of going for Spekit is that it lacks customizability – there is no way to develop user content customized to the needs of the enterprise, and that is not the case with Walkme.

  • Interface

One of the most important aspects of a DAP is its interface – as that is what employees will be dealing with. In the case of Walkme, this interface is not the smoothest. That is not the case with Spekit, in which a lack of customization features results in a better interface.

  • Pricing

Spekit is one of the most expensive DAPs, particularly for businesses with a large workforce, because of its pay-per-person model of pricing. The Walkme offers comparatively better pricing options.

  • The customer support

Spekit lags behind other DAPs in terms of customer support provided. The quality of its customer service doesn’t compare to the various alternatives like Walkme.

  • Customer experience

Both Spekit and Workmen offer a customer experience that will only appeal to those in particular businesses best suited to those software or those who don’t have any knowledge about their superior alternatives.

The Bottom Line

One can easily wrap up the above discussion by concluding that while Spekit and Walkme are interesting Digital Adoption Platforms, the two also present their own unique kind of challenges, which means that neither of them provides the best results and customer experience. To have the best results, it is crucial that one should only go for a DAP that gives good results in all of the above-mentioned criteria, and unfortunately, neither of these DAPs manages to meet them all. While one may be predisposed to go for one or the other among them, one shouldn’t ignore the fact that far better alternatives are available in the market. The reader should do careful research into their various alternatives and choose the DAP best suited to their needs only after duly considering all the other options. By doing so, they are bound to find the product best suited to their needs.

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