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The Hills Residence, A Dream Condo On An Island Paradise

The Hills Residence, A Dream Condo On An Island Paradise

Are you looking for a residential or commercial property on a paradise island in the Caribbean? The Hills Residence is the real estate project you’ve been waiting for. Studios, dream condo apartments on the magnificent island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, this luxurious real estate development project has everything you need to fully live the Caribbean experience!

These residential properties will offer spectacular panoramic views with studios, apartments and condos designed to perfectly capture these moments, while offering undeniable comfort and exclusive amenities.

Overview | The Hills Residence 

The Hills Residence is a real estate development project whose construction began in November 2021 in the Simpson Bay area, on the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin. This real estate project consists of the construction of a shopping center and residential properties.

The construction of the Shopping Center was completed in March 2023, currently open, it begins to accommodate businesses such as a real estate agency, a pizzeria, a sushi restaurant, clothing stores, an insurance firm, an art gallery, an IV Therapy center, Oxygen Bar, a luxurious spa, commercial units are still available for rent starting at $3,200.00 per month. The Shopping Center consists of 22 commercial units, including 3 restaurants, 17 commercial units from 52.00 m² (or 560.00 ft2) to 70.00 m² (or 755 ft2), and 2 large units over 268.00 m² (or 2,885.00 ft2), the two large units can optionally be divided into smaller units. In the Shopping Center, you can find a jet fountain, beautiful planter, public toilets, a 16 space roadside parking lot and a large parking lot on the first floor of the Shopping Center, accessible by elevator and stairs. It is also important to specify that all commercial units are equipped with a current generator. Soon the Shopping Center of The Hills Residence will become a unique and essential location on the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin! We should also mention that the shopping center is located upstream of the 152 residential properties of The Hills Residence, but also in the heart of Simpson known for a very sought after area but also the most dynamic on the island.

The residential properties of The Hills Residence are still under construction, and will be delivered in phases. In the residential part of The Hills Residence, you will find 4 high-end buildings with underground car parks, swimming pools and jacuzzis on the roofs, elevators, electric generators serving the entire residential part. As previously stipulated, the delivery of the residential units will take place in phases, according to the schedule communicated by the construction teams in March 2023, the delivery of the first building will take place during the summer of 2023, the second building should be delivered in the second quarter of 2024, the third building should be presented in the third quarter of 2024, and the fourth building should be presented in the first quarter of 2025. We also point out that the dates communicated are approximate dates, and that new dates may be communicated by the construction teams. Among the residential properties of The Hills Residence, you can find condos or apartments, with one or two bedrooms, there are only a few units left available for sale.

The entire real estate development project, the Shopping Center and the residential properties, has been designed with optimum attention to detail and modern and luxurious amenities. The real estate project is located in the immediate vicinity of local tourist and business activity, thanks to its shopping center or not, you will find nearby, in particular supermarkets, shops, beach or dining restaurants, places to have breakfast, shops, spas, wellness center and you will have much more to discover. With all these nearby amenities, we can say that owning a residential property will ensure you have easy access to all the resources necessary for everyday life, but also those necessary for unforgettable stays in The Hills Residence.

All You Need To Know | The Hills Residence

Nestled in a beautiful environment, with breathtaking views of the Simpson bay lagoon, with a modern and luxurious design, The Hills Residence is an exclusive real estate project, located on the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, in the Simpson sector Bay, consisting of luxury apartments and condos. A truly ideal place to feel at home!

The modern and luxurious residential properties of The Hills Residence are ideal for vacation rental and promise a significant return on investment to its local and international investors. Due to the attractiveness of the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, travelers and vacationers from all over the world are falling in love with our “Friendly Island”. You can also live there! Its ergonomic layout will allow optimal living comfort in Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, without forgetting its luxury equipment, its bathrooms, and its fitted and equipped kitchen. Only a few units left for sale!

We can’t remember enough, but The Hills Residence is ideally located! Its proximity to the many amenities that the Simpson Bay area can offer, such as restaurants, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, beaches, entertainment venues are almost endless. Future residents of The Hills Residence can also take advantage of the excellent on-site facilities, including swimming pools and jacuzzis on the roofs of each building…

Condo for Sale, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten | The Hills Residence

This real estate development project is a rare investment opportunity on the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin! The Hills Residence is simply unique, and you currently have the possibility of owning an apartment or condo, with one or two bedrooms, on a paradise island in the Caribbean. On the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, it is becoming more and more difficult to become the owner of a luxurious residential property in a high-end residence that offers high-end amenities and services.

Today we can offer you some residential properties for sale in The Hills Residence. You can contact 4U REAL ESTATE or THE HILLS RESIDENCE to discover the residential properties available for sale, they can help you select the property that suits you best. You have available residential property units from 56.00 m2 (or 600.00 ft2) to 76.00 m2 (or 820.00 ft2), with one or two bedrooms. We specify that the residential properties are furnished and equipped, all that remains is to install your furniture. Residential properties will have high-end finishes and stunning views!

You have the opportunity today to own a residential property in The Hills Residence starting at just $265,000.00.

Who to contact? | The Hills Residence

For the purchase, sale or rental, of residential or commercial property in The Hills Residence. You must contact 4U REAL ESTATE in Sint Maarten, which is a real estate agency specializing in real estate development projects on the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin. With his team of real estate agents, they will advise you and accompany you at each stage of the process of buying a residential or commercial property in pre-construction and sold off plan.

On the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, 4U REAL ESTATE is quite simply the real estate agency to contact and the most prominent in this relatively complex area.

Bottom-Line | The Hills Residence

With its stunning views, luxurious amenities and excellent location, The Hills Residence is the perfect place to call home. Whether you are looking for a holiday home or a permanent residence, this exclusive development offers something for everyone.  For more information on availability and prices please visit our website or contact 4U REAL ESTATE directly. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the development and provide more information on The Hills Residence. 

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