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How to write a movie review: Steps to writing an effective movie review

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Undoubtedly, after watching a movie the first thing we all do is to go online and post comments about the movie on social media profiles, public pages, review sites, blogs, and other platforms. We all are fond of watching movies. It doesn’t matter for people from where they had watched the movie like from the theatre, online platform or pirated sites like Uwatch, etc. but giving reviews is one of the things that they will surely like to do. It has been a trend to write movie reviews and it is also given as assignments to students. 

So today we will tell you about how you can write an effective movie review but before that let’s talk about what is the purpose of writing a movie review? 

Purpose of Movie Review 

The main purpose of writing a movie review is to tell the readers the information and ideas regarding the movie. Your review tells why someone should watch the movie or not. However, the movie review allows you to share your personal opinion about the movie but it also requires an objective and unbiased approach as well. Write your movie review keeping in mind that the reader has not seen the movie before so give a summary or outline to deliver assistance for the reader while making a true and honest decision. 

Steps to writing a Movie Review 

Watch the movie properly

To give the movie an effective review it is important to watch the movie properly and if you don’t understand the movie at first then prefer to watch it twice. And the best thing you can do is to make minor or major notes and write events, characters, and highlights so that it will help you while writing the review. 

Do research 

Never start writing the movie review after watching it and without conducting the research. Research about the movie is most important as it will provide you with relevant information about the movie like the name of the filmmaker, his motivation behind the movies, plot, historical events, locations, characterization, etc. It will make your movie review more in-depth and detailed for the reader. 

Analyze the movie

Never start writing a movie review if you don’t understand the concept of the movie completely. Watch it twice or thrice until you understand and evaluate it from starting to end. The writing process will be easier for you if you understand the events and plot summary of the movie.

Create an outline

Make sure to create an outline cohesively and concisely while writing the movie review as the outline provides a brief concept of the movie to the readers. 

Mention what makes it worth watching or whatnot

Give your opinions about the movie with evidence by providing examples. Stay honest and fair about your opinion and give examples from the movie which elaborates why you think so. It will make it easy for the readers to know whether it is worth watching or not. 

Arrangements of the points

It is important to write the movie review in a proper arrangement which includes an introduction, summary, analyzed events of the plot, creative elements of the movie, your opinions, and the conclusion. 

The Final Words 

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to write an effective movie review. If you watch movies from pirated sites like Ocean of movies. it will not give you that much good experience of the movie. It takes effort to write a movie review in a good way so just follow the steps while writing the movie review by watching it properly and keep the important points in mind.


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